negotiating with Pentagon over F-35 cost

With total acquisition costs anticipated to top $400 billion, the item can be the costliest weapons program ever.

On the heels of public pressure coming from the Oval Office, the Lot-10 contract yielded a 7 percent drop in cost for the most common variant of the aircraft, F-35A, to $94.6 million.

Both Lockheed as well as the Pentagon have said the plan can be to get that will down to $80 million per F-35A by 2020 — a target Hewson reiterated again This specific week. Lockheed as well as its partners, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney as well as BAE Systems, have been working to bring down supply-chain as well as manufacturing costs.

The comments coming from Hewson come as the program Again faces scrutiny, This specific time on Capitol Hill. On Wednesday, Defense officials testified before a House Armed Services subcommittee. As disclosed inside hearing, the Pentagon estimates the item will cost one more $16 billion to modernize the existing fleet of F-35s, through 2024.

Lockheed’s portfolio can be wide ranging, spanning missile defense systems, Sikorsky helicopters, Littoral Combat Ships as well as spacecraft for NASA. yet the F-35 can be by far its biggest business.

“F-35 can be critically important to us — the item’s 25 percent of our sales, as well as, as a $51 billion company, that will’s a very significant element,” Hewson said. “the item brings a tremendous capability to our U.S. services, as well as to our allies around the planet that will are purchasing the aircraft because the item’s more than just an aircraft, the item’s more than a jet fighter; the item can be an information node with the sensor capability to communicate with every system on the battlefield. as well as when you think about that will, the item’s just a game changer.”

More than 270 jets are currently in operation. Lockheed delivered 66 of the high-tech, stealthy fighters last year to the U.S. as well as allies, 40 percent more than in 2016, hitting its target.

This specific year, the company plans to turn out 0 more aircraft. By 2023, when Hewson expects to hit to peak production, Lockheed aims to hand over 0 strike fighters per year.

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