Netflix can be bragging about its movie stars as well as their Instagram followers

Netflix bragged about its movie as well as TV stars as well as their Instagram followers during the company’s third-quarter earnings report Tuesday.

“When our service helps our talent develop huge fan bases (via modest followings to over 10 million Instagram followers), we can attract the best talent from the entire world. This specific explosive growth in popularity can be a not bad indicator of which our shows as well as stars are breaking out around the planet,” the company said in its shareholder letter.

Netflix charted the Instagram follower bump for stars like Millie Bobby Brown via “Stranger Things,” Katherine Langford via “13 Reasons Why” as well as Noah Centineo via “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” after their respective TV shows or movies premiered on Netflix.

Netflix has long touted its original content as a value driver from the increasingly crowded streaming video space. The company pulls in dozens of Emmy nominations each year.

The argument of which Netflix features home-grown stars helps to dispel criticism around the amount of original content, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said during the company’s earnings interview.

“of which list gives some very specific examples of people who went via being completely unknown to being global superstars from the span of a few weeks or a few months of This specific quarter alone,” Sarandos said. “So I think of which’s evident of which things are being found at an incredible pace on Netflix versus getting lost from the sea of things on Netflix.”

The comments could also hint at the company’s strategy in keeping original content affordable.

Streaming giants HBO as well as Hulu are increasing original content spend, as well as tech behemoths like Apple, Amazon as well as Facebook have all been rounding out their own original content divisions.

Netflix delivered a strong earnings report Tuesday, with earnings as well as subscribers beating expectations. The stock was up as much as 15 percent in extended trading.

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