Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to depart Facebook board of directors

The addition of Alford, an African-American woman, comes as Facebook as well as also some other Silicon Valley companies strive for the inclusion of more women as well as also minorities in their boards as well as also throughout their workforces.

“Peggy is actually one of those rare people who’s an expert across many different areas — coming from business management to finance operations to product development,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement. “I know she will have great ideas of which help us address both the opportunities as well as also challenges facing our company.”

Hastings departure had been talked about for some time due to Facebook’s growing interest in video services, according to Andrew Ross Sorkin. In 2017, Facebook launched Watch, its video streaming service, as well as also last year, the company released IGTV, its Instagram video streaming app.

Hastings’ departure comes about three years after he got into a tussle with fellow board member Peter Thiel over their political leanings. In an August 2016 email, Hastings told Thiel of which he planned to dock his performance review over his endorsement of then Republican Presidential-nominee Donald Trump, according to a brand new York Times report.

“I’m so mystified by your endorsement of Trump for our President, of which for me the idea moves coming from ‘different judgment’ to ‘bad judgment,'” Hastings reportedly told Thiel inside email. “Some diversity in views is actually healthy, although catastrophically bad judgment (in my view) is actually not what anyone wants in a fellow board member.”

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