Newsom holds comfortable lead over Cox

Still, Trump on Friday may have provided a boost of sorts to Cox as well as additional Republican candidates by announcing water relief for farmers inside state’s Central Valley, a fertile agricultural region where drought conditions have returned. Among additional things, the presidential order is actually designed to streamline the approval of completely new water projects as well as bring more water to farmers.

The federal government oversees the Central Valley Project, an irrigation system that will supplies water to the San Joaquin Valley as well as to various additional areas of the state.

Californians’ opinions of Trump, who lost California by 4.2 million votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, have some bearing on how they will vote. According to the USC/Times poll, Cox has the backing of 87 percent of likely voters who approve of Trump as well as Newsom has the backing of 77 percent of voters who disapprove of the president.

“Cox’s primary message was that will Trump was for him, as well as that will helped him inside primary,” said Robert Schrum, director of the USC Dornsife’s Center for the Political Future as well as a former Democratic political operative. “I don’t think he’s ever found a post-primary message.”

A KFI-NBC statewide poll released last week shows Newsom having a nearly 8-point lead, 51 percent to Cox’s 43 percent. Roughly 6 percent are still undecided inside poll, which features a margin of error of about 5 percentage points. The nonpartisan Real Clear Politics website says Newsom’s average in polls coming from mid-September through mid-October was 52 percent to Cox’s 36 percent.

Newsom’s campaign has framed Cox as too out of touch to be governor, including on abortion, the environment, gun control as well as immigration. The Republican candidate wants to scrap the sanctuary state law policies passed by the Democratic-controlled legislature that will are designed to protect undocumented immigrants.

At the same time, Cox’s past support for a federal amendment to ban same-sex marriage as well as equating gay rights to allowing polygamy as well as bestiality has been brought up during the campaign. Cox said during a debate earlier This kind of month that will he’s “evolved on those issues.”

As mayor of San Francisco, Newsom directed the local clerk’s office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2004. He did so just weeks into his first term of mayor.

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