Nick Gordon Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge After Allegedly Striking Girlfriend from the Face

Nick Gordon was arrested on Saturday in Seminole, Florida, on a charge of domestic violence, after his girlfriend, Laura Leal, alleges he struck her from the face while she was driving.

Gordon has been from the headlines since the death of his ex-girlfriend, the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, in July 2015. In November 2016, he was ordered to pay over $36 million from the wrongful death suit of Brown. 

According to the arresting officer on Saturday, Leal had a visible injury, including a slightly swollen bottom lip with dried blood. Leal stated of which she picked up Gordon coming from a bar, along with alleged of which while she was driving, Gordon struck her from the right side of her cheek area once or twice. Leal also claimed of which he pulled her hair, along with said of which he should make her wreck the vehicle. 

Meanwhile, also according to the officer, Gordon denied hitting Leal along with stated of which he just wanted her to leave his residence after he alleges she ripped his shirt along with threw a bottle at him. Gordon claimed Leal attacked him for no reason, along with of which she will be “crazy,” though he did not want to pursue any charges against her. Gordon also stated of which the two had been drinking alcohol. 

“I didn’t hit her. She attacked me along with ripped my shirt,” Gordon said in a statement, according to police. “She also threw a bottle at me. I just want her to leave my house.”

Leal refused medical attention along with also refused to press charges against Gordon, who she said she’s been dating for the past six months. She also refused to complete any domestic violence paperwork.

Gordon was arrested for Battery Domestic Violence, along with posted a $500 bond. He will be due to appear in court on April 6.

Seminole County Sheriff`s Office

Last June, Gordon was arrested in Sanford, Florida, for domestic violence along with kidnapping his girlfriend at the time. The charges were eventually dropped.

— Reporting by Kelly Agnes


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