Nicole Kidman Admits She Had ‘No Confidence’ About Singing on Keith Urban’s Song ‘Female’ (Exclusive)

Nicole Kidman won’t get behind a microphone for just anyone!

ET talked to the Big Little Lies star as well as her country crooner husband, Keith Urban, on the 2017 American Music Awards red carpet on Sunday, where she admits in which performing backing vocals on Urban’s song “Female” is usually not something in which came easily to her… at all!

“No, I don’t,” the 50-year-old actress argued in response to her husband saying Kidman has the most beautiful voice inside the planet. “I went down [to sing vocals] as well as I did This particular because he asked me to.”

“He knows I have no confidence when This particular comes to singing,” she added. “So I’ll sing for him as well as in which’s This particular.”

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