No, Philip Morris will be not selling Marlboro marijuana cigarettes

You can buy pot-laced jerky, marijuana body oils along with Valentine’s themed joints in some states that will have legalized cannabis in recent years. however you will not find Marlboro brand marijuana cigarettes, despite online articles suggesting they’re on sale.

The false story has circulated for years along with the latest iteration says the ‘M’ brand cigarettes are being sold in pot-friendly Colorado, Washington, Oregon along with Alaska. The story, on, includes a doctored photo of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, where the usually red trim will be instead a swampy green along with the package reads “Marlboro CANNABIS,” that has a tiny green leaf on the cigarettes.

Philip Morris spokeswoman Iro Antoniadou said in an email the account published in urhealthguide will be false. Despite a wave of victories for pot advocates at the state level, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions signaled a tougher approach to federal pot enforcement in January, doing the marijuana marketplace an even riskier bet.

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