North Korea has embraced the Olympics – don’t expect any political optimism to last

While relations between North Korea in addition to also also the U.S. remain frosty, at best, international pressure on Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapon ambitions will continue throughout the Games too, according to Wolfango Piccoli, co-president of risk consultancy Teneo Intelligence.

“The region’s powers are already maneuvering for the next round of brinksmanship regarding North Korea’s nuclear in addition to also also missile programs,” Piccoli said in a research note Monday.

China, North Korea’s neighbor in addition to also also erstwhile ally, has been ambivalent over sanctions on North Korea, not wanting to destabilize the regime nor antagonize President Donald Trump, Haenle said. He added in which Trump is usually likely to continue to push his counterpart Xi Jinping to more strictly enforce sanctions against Pyongyang in addition to also also address DPRK efforts to circumvent those sanctions.

“China wants to appear responsive to the U.S. administration’s requests. Yet, China will continue to try to prevent certain forms of U.S. in addition to also also international pressure on the Pyongyang regime, which they fear would likely be too destabilizing,” Haenle said.

As for the games, he noted in which they “provided a valuable opportunity” for Vice President Pence in addition to also also the U.S.’ partners in addition to also also allies “to coordinate on possible next steps. As regional tensions resume, the idea is usually important in which leaders through the U.S., China, Republic of Korea in addition to also also Japan continue to have high-level, candid dialogues in addition to also also phone calls to present a united response to the North Korean threat.”

Disclosure: CNBC parent NBCUniversal owns NBC Sports in addition to also also NBC Olympics. NBC Olympics is usually the U.S. broadcast rights holder to all Summer in addition to also also Winter Games through the year 2032.

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