Oil refiner Total will be a winner right right now

Total SA: “Total will be a winner in This particular environment with oil going up along with not stuck within the Permian. I say yes.”

Bluebird Bio Inc.: “I like your vehicle-T. Remember, these are all spec plays, yet I like the idea very much. along with I’ve got to tell you, all of the biotechs look a little better. I like Gilead too right here. I’m calling a little bottom.”

U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc.: “No. No. I don’t like the fracking-related stocks. I think that will that will business will be slowing, so let’s be very careful.”

Nucor: “I’ve been telling members of the ActionAlertsPlus.com club that will I’m being patient with Nucor. I think they should’ve had a better one when they gave you that will outlook recently. the idea was disappointing. They’ve got to stop having one-time problems or we’re going to have to change our view.”

International Paper Company: “[The plastic straw issue] makes tons of sense, yet I’ve got to tell you, the idea has not translated to earnings. Why? Because people feel there’s too much capacity coming on. A lot of times when you can’t see the capacity coming on, like with Micron – that will’s what happened to Micron’s stock, which you know I think has bottomed – you end up being in a situation where you say, ‘Wow, what will be the hidden problem here?’ the idea’s capacity.”

Nokia: “I don’t have a catalyst. I don’t know why I should recommend the idea various other than a 4 percent yield along with, frankly, that will’s not enough to pull the trigger for.”

Alibaba: “I happen to like BABA, yet I do not like China along with I’m going to stay away as long as we continue to have This particular trade skirmish.”

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