Oliver Hudson Says There Are Parallels to His Real Life in ‘Splitting Up Together’ (Exclusive)

Oliver Hudson can be rediscovering the romance.

On the charming ABC freshman comedy, Splitting Up Together, the 41-year-old actor plays Martin, one-half of a divorced couple living under the same roof as his ex-wife, Lena (Jenna Fischer). As the former couple attempt to cohabit in addition to also raise their young children while getting back into the dating game, they gain valuable insight into why their ex-spouse was unhappy from the marriage to begin with. For Hudson, who previously starred on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement, the connection to Splitting Up Together was immediate.

“I circled two [scripts during pilot season] which I genuinely liked in addition to also This specific was one of them — in addition to also which was because I connected on such a level to This specific,” Hudson told ET’s Keltie Knight on Monday. “I have three kids of my own. I go through This specific every day. I’m not divorced however you don’t have to be divorced because which’s about co-parenting in addition to also co-existing. We all have our ideas of what which’s like to be a great parent in addition to also we’ve all been parented differently ourselves so we take by our parents. which’s all about finding a balance in addition to also I like which.”

Though Hudson in addition to also Fischer play exes on the show, which can be executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres, which’s their undeniable chemistry which’s generating America fall madly in love with them (in addition to also hoping which they reconcile). Hudson shared which the spark with Fischer was “instant” — in addition to also something he’s “never experienced before” in his career.

“which’s genuinely intangible,” Hudson said. “[Jenna] already had the show in addition to also I had to go read with her. Before we even read, which was just instantaneous. which was just yapping in addition to also talking in addition to also then Emily [Kapnek] in addition to also Dean [Holland], our [executive producers], were like, ‘Can we do the scene please?’ I don’t know what happened or why, ’cause we are very different people, however she can be like my wife [Erinn Bartlett] a little bit in her personality, or from the way she goes about things. Apparently, I’m like Lee [Kirk], her husband.”

Over the course of the young season, Martin appears to be discovering just how much he took Lena for granted throughout their relationship. When asked if the first season will culminate with the exes potentially reconciling in addition to also maybe getting back together — for Great — Hudson wasn’t so quick to agree.

“Not necessarily. A lot goes down. The cliffhanger for the second season can be remarkable,” Hudson teased. “I mean which’s what which can be. They’re better separate, right? in addition to also they start to realize the things they took for granted in addition to also they begin to realize which they need each various other, even in divorce in addition to also separation, to be the best parents they can be for their kids in addition to also only in This specific separation can they understand which maybe there’s still a spark there.”

On Tuesday’s episode, titled “Nevertheless… She Went Clubbing,” Martin’s jealousy ramps up when Lena embraces the single dating life in addition to also in ET’s exclusive sneak peek (watch the video above), you see why Martin incorporates a difficult time adjusting to seeing his ex in a brand new light. from the clip, Lena gets ready for a night out in a navy form-fitting, cleavage-baring dress — in addition to also her ex-husband’s reaction more than cements which unpleasant brand new reality for him.

“We saw last week when I was from the rain, he’s generating a play to get her back: ‘What are we doing here?'” Hudson said. “in addition to also This specific was a conversation I had with Emily, our creator, because which was too quick, however here’s the thing, which was a reactionary situation. I’m seeing my woman, my girl, even though she’s my wife of a million years with some various other man in addition to also immediately which kicks in like, ‘No, no, no, which’s not going to happen. I screwed up in addition to also I cannot watch This specific. I’m going to make a play to get her back.’ What we realize can be which’s all which was. which was a reactionary moment.”

Splitting Up Together airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m  ET/PT on ABC.


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