Olivia Wilde incorporates a Photo of Ellen DeGeneres in a Swimsuit Hanging in Her House

Nothing says “true friendship” like hanging a hilarious photo of your friend in a key place in your home!

Life Itself star Olivia Wilde paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ hit daytime talk show on Tuesday, where the pair discussed some special artwork hanging from the actress’ home. Six years ago, the 60-year-old comedian gifted Wilde a framed photo of herself enjoying a beverage on the beach while wearing a one-piece bathing suit. along with apparently, which gift soon found its way above Wilde along with fiance Jason Sudeikis’ bed.

Of course, the item’s not genuinely DeGeneres body. the item’s a pin-up with her face hilariously Photoshopped on the item. yet the artwork is actually clearly a treasured possession in This kind of household! Fans discovered the gift’s location when Wilde posted a photo of their dog, Paco, for National Dog Day with the artwork from the background.

“Where else might we put the item,” Wilde said, defending the art’s place of honor. “the item’s the most important art which’s ever been made… People are so confused by the item at first glance, yet we like the item.”

The actress also shared which the art has since relocated to another key location in their home.

“today the item’s moved to a very special place which is actually outside the children’s’ bedroom, so the item’s the first thing which they see when they wake up. Very important to us,” she said.

along with apparently, her kids, Otis along with Daisy, have gotten a bit confused by the bikini-flaunting woman outside their room.

“They say, ‘Oh, which’s our real mother.’ along with I say, ‘Yes,’” Wilde jokingly explained. “They love the item. the item’s the greatest thing from the planet.”

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