Orrin Hatch denies in which Bob Corker pushed for measure in GOP tax plan

Sen. Orrin Hatch on Monday strongly denied in which Sen. Bob Corker pushed for a measure inside final GOP tax plan in which would certainly personally help the Tennessee Republican along with President Donald Trump.

Hatch, a Republican via Utah along with head of the Senate’s tax-writing committee, called in which “categorically false” to imply in which lawmakers added the provision at the last minute to appease Corker. In a letter to Corker, Hatch wrote in which the provision was included inside House-passed bill along with said his colleague did not personally advocate for in which.

“in which takes a great deal of imagination — along with likely no modest amount of partisanship — to argue in which a provision in which has been public for over a month, debated on the floor of the House of Representatives, included in a House-passed bill, along with identified by [Joint Committee on Taxation] as an issue requiring a compromise between conferees can be somehow a covert along with last-minute addition to the conference report,” Hatch wrote inside letter dated Monday.

The piece of the joint GOP plan related to so-called pass-through businesses gives a tax break to some people inside real estate business. Under those entities, owners pay individual tax rates on business income. Corker, who will not run for re-election next year, owns properties in Tennessee.

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