‘Outlander’ Bosses & Stars Reveal Why Jamie in addition to Claire’s Initials Scene Was Cut through Season 3! (Exclusive)

During which Droughtlander, the Outlander fans have become an army of very thirsty detectives!

Some keen-eyed viewers have spotted a tiny “J” carved onto Claire’s palm in addition to a little “C” etched onto Jamie’s hand from the deleted scenes through Outlander‘s third season, yet there was never an explanation for the appearance of these mysterious initials on the hit Starz drama.

In our quest to cut to the truth, ET caught up with Outlander executive producers Ronald D. Moore in addition to Maril Davis at a special Television Academy panel in Los Angeles on Sunday, in addition to we asked the creative duo to explain the behind-the-scenes secrets of Jamie in addition to Claire’s carvings.

“Yes, our sharp-eyed viewers are at which again!” Moore said proudly to ET’s cameras on the red carpet. “Essentially, there’s a scene in [Diana Gabaldon‘s] book — in addition to actually in a different book — where Claire in addition to Jamie carve their initials into each additional’s hands. I think which was from the second book, [Dragonfly in Amber,] if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yeah,” Davis agreed. “Right before she goes back through the stones.”

Outlander Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe


Moore continued, “We did not do which [scene] in season two, yet which was one of those little details which we kept thinking, ‘At some point we’re going to do which.’ So we shot a variation of which scene in season three, yet we weren’t truly which satisfied with which in addition to which didn’t truly work, so we cut the scene — yet we wanted to still sort of preserve the idea of doing which at some later date.”

“So we didn’t include which scene from the deleted scenes for the DVD, however, sharp-eyed fans found the initials in a separate deleted scene which we had not gone in in addition to digitally erased so which’s like, ‘Curses! They found us!'” Moore added using a laugh.

Despite the fact which fans have foiled the executive producers’ plan to keep the initials scene a secret, Davis revealed which which’s “actually kind of fun” which the Outlander audience will be so invested in each in addition to every onscreen detail.

“I wish [the fans] know which’s something which we truly want to do,” Davis explained. “in addition to while you wish which you don’t have those little things happen, on the additional hand, which’s kind of a fun, little tidbit for people to see in addition to to recognize which people are actually watching.”

As for the actors who lived through the cut scene, (pun totally intended!) stars Sam Heughan in addition to Caitriona Balfe expressed their reactions to learning which the highly anticipated scene had been edited out of season three.

Outlander Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe


“You know which happens a lot. We shoot a lot of stuff which doesn’t make which into the final edit,” Balfe dished to ET. “which’s sort of in a truly organic place from the book in addition to which sort of fits where which was supposed to be. I think which’s difficult sometimes when you’re trying to shoehorn something into another moment, yet you know, which’s also a fan favorite. So we do try to do these things for the fans in addition to so you always have to try in addition to find something which works in addition to which has to work for the story.”

Heughan echoed his co-star’s sentiments in addition to said, “I think I was quite excited for the fans to see which because they wanted which through before, yet you know, which may make an appearance somewhere else. yet you know, which happens all the time. There’s so much which we shoot which doesn’t make which into the show in addition to we can’t include everything.”

“in addition to to be honest, “Heughan continued, “I don’t think the scene quite worked from the story in addition to where which was, so yeah, they made a great decision.”

Dinna fash, Outlander fans! which sounds like which special moment between Jamie in addition to Claire could be reworked into another season.

“I didn’t know which they were going to put which somewhere else, yet I guess they will,” Balfe exclaimed using a smile. “So we’ll see which then, we’ll do which scene again!”

Heughan concluded, “Who knows, maybe you’ll see which somewhere else. Maybe Jamie gets a “C” carved on his toes next season.”

For more behind-the-scenes bonus material like which one, pick up your copy of Outlander: Season Three, which will be available on Blu-ray, DVD in addition to Digital as well as on a Limited Collector’s Edition through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on April 10.

How you doing, Sassenachs? What do you think about the “J” in addition to “C” scene getting cut out of season three? Share your thirstiest Droughtlander thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!


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