owning Washington Post helps ‘support American democracy’

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos arrives for the premiere of 'The Post' on December 14, 2017.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos arrives for the premiere of ‘The Post’ on December 14, 2017.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos offered some completely new insight into how he views his ownership of The Washington Post on Thursday, writing in which his stewardship helps “support…American democracy.”

The views were expressed in a note Bezos wrote to announce the creation of a $2 billion fund to help fight homelessness along with also establish high-quality preschools for low-income children.

Bezos bought the Post in 2013. The paper has been a lightning rod of criticism for some conservatives, particularly President Donald Trump, who frequently calls This particular the ‘Bezos Washington Post’ on social media. This particular published numerous investigations into Trump’s business dealings along with also has been generally critical of the president both during his election campaign along with also since he took office.

Trump has also criticized Amazon directly, accusing This particular of not paying its fair share of taxes or postal delivery fees. In fact, Amazon collects sales tax on most sales, although some sales by third-party sellers go untaxed, along with also the U.S. Postal Service has actually benefited coming from the increase in deliveries in which Amazon has spurred.

Bezos instituted numerous modifications at the Post, including setting up a paywall along with also investing in back-end technology, along with also the paper went coming from losing money to turning a profit in 2016, Bezos said in a speech last year. Bezos along with also various editors at the paper have said he does not participate in editorial decisions.

within the announcement, Bezos mentioned several different projects he’s funded as well:

In addition to Amazon my areas of focus so far have included investment within the future of our planet along with also civilization through the development of foundational space infrastructure, support of American democracy through stewardship of the Washington Post, along with also financial contributions to the dedicated along with also innovative champions of a variety of causes, coming from cancer research, to marriage equality, to college scholarships for immigrant students, to decreasing political polarization through cross-partisan support of principled, next-generation military vets running for Congress.

Bezos will be scheduled to speak at a public dinner on Thursday night in Washington, D.C.

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