Pamela Anderson Opens Up On Family Drama With Tommy Lee along with Her Sons

Pamela Anderson is actually opening up about her family troubles.

The 50-year-old design along with activist’s 21-year-old son, Brandon Lee, had a publicized altercation with his father, Tommy Lee, in March, although Anderson might rather move past the drama.

“I stay out of the item,” the former Baywatch actress told The Hollywood Reporter regarding family drama in an article published on Wednesday. “The kids are adults, along with they make all their own decisions. I look at the differences in their personalities along with their fearlessness along with their ambition along with their clarity, along with I’m just so proud of both of them.”

Pamela along with Tommy have two sons together, Brandon along with 20-year-old Dylan Jagger Lee. In March, Tommy along with Brandon were involved in an altercation at the 55-year-old musician’s Calabasas, California, home. After the incident, Tommy alleged of which Brandon assaulted him. While Brandon claimed of which the altercation was a result of his father’s alleged drinking problem, the Mötley Crüe drummer has denied such allegations.

Last month, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office told ET of which Brandon wouldn’t be facing charges for the altercation, adding of which the D.A. declined to file charges against him.

Meanwhile, Brandon along with Pamela have remained united. In March, a source told ET of which Tommy wanted his son to “beg for forgiveness.”

“Tommy is actually seething,” the source claimed at the time. “He is actually watching every move Brandon makes. He wants his son to beg for forgiveness, although of which won’t happen. He wants Brandon to show remorse along with doesn’t feel he has done anything to have deserved This particular.”

The source also noted of which the drama has “been hard on everyone.”

“Right currently things look grim for the whole family,” the source says. “This particular has put a huge wedge between father along with son. The last thing Brandon needs is actually to have a record because of his father. the item could ruin their relationship for not bad.”

For more on the altercation, watch below.


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