Passengers on quarantined jet appear to develop the flu

On social media, passengers including 1990s rapper Vanilla Ice, posted photos in addition to videos of a large-scale emergency response when the aircraft touched down around 9 a.m. at JFK. Video coming from news helicopters showed the jet stranded on the tarmac for several minutes before passengers began to emerge so they could board buses to get to the terminal.

Vanilla Ice, whose real name is actually Robert Van Winkle, posted a video on Facebook of an emergency response to an initial report of which dozens of people could be sick. On Twitter, he described looking out the window to see several ambulances, firetrucks in addition to police vehicles converge on the plane.

He also wrote of which the sick people were seated on the “bottom floor” of the jumbo jet, “so I’m happy I’m up top.”

“Basically, of which was chaos right when we landed,” Ice told reporters later Wednesday. He said the pilot announced of which there was a health issue in addition to people were sick.

Another traveler inside business class section of the aircraft, Raghida Dergham, also said in an interview of which sick passengers were in a “lower level” economy section of the plane.

“I feel great. I feel fine,” Dergham said. “Nobody was alarmed. … of which was handled very well.”

yet some other passengers said they suspected of which some passengers were sick before they got on the plane in addition to blamed the airline for not doing more to protect the health of others.

“Why did they allow them on the flight? … I sat with them for 13 hours. If of which’s a virus, we’re all getting sick,” said Srinivasa Rao.

Passenger Erin Sykes posted a video of officers in masks in addition to gloves taking the temperature of passengers on the tarmac.

In an interview, Sykes said she saw a few passengers being taken off the plane first for medical attention, yet she added of which “many, many” others were showing signs of illness.

“Very intense coughing. Violently sick. Going into the bathroom a lot,” she said when asked to describe the scene.

She added: “These people should know not to travel in a confined space with some other healthy people.”

Said another flier, Zeph Shamba, said he saw at least one man on the 14-hour flight coughing in addition to vomiting.

“People were worried because we don’t know what of which is actually. in addition to we get down there in addition to guys with masks on their noses in addition to stuff like of which,” Shamba said. “of which’s like the plane coming from hell.”

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