Paul Manafort in addition to Rick Gates are reportedly facing fresh charges

One of those properties is actually Manafort’s Manhattan apartment in Trump Tower, which Mueller said is actually at risk of bank foreclosure.

At another property in Fairfax, Virginia, Manafort is actually alleged to have acquired a mortgage “coming from The Federal Savings Bank through a series of false in addition to fraudulent representations to The Federal Savings Bank.” Manafort previously claimed of which the property had no mortgage, Mueller said.

The special counsel is actually investigating whether Manafort promised to get the president of Federal Savings Bank, Stephen Calk, a job inside the White House in exchange for $16 million in loans, NBC News reported Wednesday.

Manafort in addition to Gates were indicted by the special counsel in October 2017 on multiple charges, including conspiracy to launder money, lying to federal investigators in addition to failure to register as foreign agents in their work on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukraine party.

Manafort is actually a lobbyist deeply connected to the governments of Russia in addition to Ukraine who also served as then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign chief for a time. Gates, who was Manafort’s longtime associate, also worked on the Trump campaign.

Lawyers for Manafort in addition to Gates in addition to a spokesman for the office of the special counsel did not immediately respond to CNBC’s requests for comment.

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