Paul Manafort’s partner in business along with indictments

Richard Gates has long been the man beside Paul Manafort.

which held true Monday when the former business partners surrendered to the FBI as the first to be indicted by the Department of Justice on charges related to foreign interference within the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Gates, 45, served as deputy chair of the Trump campaign along with Manafort’s right-hand man for day-to-day operations for part of the election cycle. After Manafort left the campaign, Gates remained on as liaison to the Republican National Committee along with was later hired by Trump’s longtime friend, Tom Barrack, to help with the inauguration, according to completely new York Magazine.

Gates, along with Manafort, was charged with conspiracy against the United States in an indictment unsealed Monday. Gates was also separately charged with failure to disclose accurate information to government agencies.

Barrack’s Colony NorthStar ended its consulting agreement with Gates on Monday following reports of the indictment, a spokesman confirmed to CNBC.

The indictment by the Department of Justice — originally filed Friday — outlines Gates’ ties to a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party. His work with Ukraine ended in 2015, before he started off with the Trump campaign. In 2017, Gates retroactively registered some of which service under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, nevertheless allegedly falsified information in doing so, according to the indictment.

Gates was charged with operating as an agent of Ukraine for at least nine years, ending in 2015, along with laundering “tens of millions of dollars in income” during along with after which time, according to the indictment.

Gates maintained a direct relationship with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych along with the government of Ukraine, at times explicitly purporting to represent the government of Ukraine in Washington, D.C., without properly registering those activities with the U.S. government, the indictment charges.

Gates along with Manafort continued to “defraud” the U.S. government after the election along with into 2017 through money laundering along with tax evasion, according to the indictment.

“Everything was done legally along with with the approval of our lawyers,” Gates told The completely new York Times in June. “Nothing to my knowledge was ever done inappropriately.”

Before heading up the Trump campaign, Gates along with Manafort worked side by side at Manafort’s consulting firm, Davis Manafort Partners, according to the indictment. The two men first met more than 30 years earlier when Gates was an intern at a separate consulting firm — Black, Manafort, Stone, Kelly — according to the Times along with completely new York Magazine.

Gates was reportedly not particularly close with, or even well-liked, by Trump. completely new York Magazine reports Trump often confused Gates that has a different “Rick,” for example, along with yet he maintained ties to the Trump campaign along with administration after Manafort was excused.

Manafort left the campaign in August 2016 after which was revealed he had accepted payments coming from Yanukovych. The speculation of influence coming from Eastern Europe didn’t catch up to Manafort’s protege until earlier This specific year, though, when Gates was removed coming from a post at the pro-Trump advocacy group “America First Policies,” completely new York Magazine reports.

A spokesman for Gates could not immediately be located.

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