Paul Ryan doesn’t think House will do entitlement reform This specific year

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday in which he does not think the chamber will pass entitlement reform — one of his major goals — This specific year.

“I don’t see us tackling the idea This specific year,” he said at an event in Wisconsin.

Ryan’s comments follow remarks coming from President Donald Trump, who told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday in which he believes Congress will move to an infrastructure plan before going on to welfare reform. The president said overhauling social safety net programs is usually “going to have to be bipartisan.”

Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, echoed in which sentiment, saying he wants a “bipartisan consensus” on entitlement reform.

The comments coming from Ryan as well as also Trump all nevertheless assure the Republican-held Congress will not move toward its long-held goal within the near future.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously said he does not think the GOP-majority Senate could pass a welfare reform bill on a partisan basis. Republicans, who hold 51 seats, could need to win nine Democratic votes to overcome a likely filibuster within the chamber.

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