Pauley Perrette Opens Up About Saying Goodbye to ‘NCIS’ After 15 Seasons (Exclusive)

Pauley Perrette is usually saying goodbye to NCIS after 15 seasons, as well as she admits which leaving behind her beloved character, forensic scientist Abby Sciuto, has been an emotional experience.

“I just made a very feeble attempt to try as well as tell them without crying as well as I made which for about 10 seconds,” Perrette tells ET of breaking the news which she was leaving the series to her fellow NCIS cast as well as crew. “‘I just want you guys to know,’ as well as which was which. I’m like, [crying], ‘I love you, guys,’ then I have to get right back to work as well as do a three-page monologue about science.”

Perrette’s character, an eccentric goth genius who helps the Naval Criminal Investigative Service scrutinize crimes involving the U.S. Navy as well as Marine Corps, has been with the show since which began, when which commenced as a back-door pilot on fellow CBS military procedural JAG. Abby has also appeared on the show’s two spinoff series, NCIS: Los Angeles as well as NCIS: brand-new Orleans.

“I will definitely miss Abby,” Perrette admits. “as well as a world without Abby is usually strange…which’s been quite a journey.”

Throughout NCIS’s 15 seasons, the actress’ character has garnered a devoted legion of fans, who have written letters as well as reached out on social media to tell Perrette just how much Abby means to them. as well as the feeling is usually mutual.

“I say, ‘I love her as much as you do,’ which is usually true,” the 49-year-old actress says of her response to all the fan love. “as well as I say, ‘thank you,’ as well as I say, ‘I love you, guys,’ because I do. I love the Abby fans, there is usually nobody like them.”

As for her next career move, Perrette admits which she’s taking some time to relax, following a decade as well as a half on one of TV’s most-watched shows. “I have been in either pajamas or a bathing suit for almost a month,” she jokes.

yet she’s giving one more epic nod to Abby by setting up generous endowments at her alma mater, Valdosta State University, aimed at encouraging women to study forensic science. as well as she’s ready for her next move when which comes.

“As far as what’s next, which is usually totally God’s plan for me, as well as which’s what I believe as well as which’s how I feel,” she explains. “So I’m just waiting. which’ll be revealed to me. I’ll know when which happens.”

Perrette’s final appearance on NCIS will be a two-part episode, which begins May 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Watch the video below for more on Perrette as well as her long run on NCIS.

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