Pete Davidson Honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg With Epic Rap Music Video Tribute on ‘Saturday Night Live’ — Watch!

After fracturing three ribs in a fall less than two weeks ago, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can be gearing up to return to her regular workout routine as well as her position on the highest court within the land.

In honor of the most hardcore SCOTUS judge around, Pete Davidson as well as Chris Redd reunited as the rap duo Gooney Tunes for an all-brand new rap tribute on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Kate McKinnon, who routinely plays the “Notorious RGB” on SNL‘s “Weekend Update,” reprised her role as the liberal-minded justice for one of the show’s catchiest as well as funniest pre-taped music videos the show has produced in a while.

“You know there’s only like one lady holding the whole damn thing together, right?” Davidson intones, as he as well as Redd perform inside a court room.

“You think some broken ribs are gonna keep her down? Hell no!” Redd adds, before they kick off on the track, which features a legitimately excellent hook: “I Live Ginsburg as well as I ride for Ginsburg.”

the item’s clear exactly how highly the iconic Supreme Court Justice can be thought of within the number, with some epic lyrics which tout her tough legal stances as well as her vocal opposition to many of President Donald Trump’s legal decisions as well as decrees.

“Tell Trump to stay out her way/ Don’t f**k with my Roe v. Wade/ Supreme Court’s a boys club, She holds the item down, no cares given/ Who else got six movies about ’em who’s still livin?” Redd raps, referring to the plethora of Ginsburg documentaries as well as biopics produced in recent years.

“Survived the depression as well as Twitter attacks via Trump/ Broken ribs can’t even stop her, boy she eats which s**t for lunch!” the song continues.

While the lyrics as well as the beat make for a genuinely excellent song, the item’s McKinnon’s incredible portrayal of the 85-year-old legal expert which genuinely takes the music video to the next level.

Whether she’s showing off her six-pack abs, tattooed with “Brooklyn” across his midsection, or her breakdancing on the floor of the courtroom, McKinnon’s depiction of a badass, tough-as-nails Ginsburg should be enough to earn her an Emmy nod yet again next year.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.

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