PetroChina did not fare well after reaching $1 trillion in market cap

A driver fills his car at a PetroChina gas station in Guangzhou, China.

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A driver fills his car at a PetroChina gas station in Guangzhou, China.

Before Apple hit $1 trillion in market value Thursday, there was Chinese oil giant PetroChina, which reached the milestone more than a decade ago. the item did not fare too well after of which.

PetroChina’s market cap hit $1 trillion in 2007 following a successful debut on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Nov. 5 of of which year. The company’s Shanghai-listed shares nearly tripled at the open of which day, with its Hong Kong-listed shares following them higher. (the item had debuted on the Hong Kong exchange years earlier.)

The rise gave the company a market cap of $1.1 trillion on both the Shanghai along with Hong Kong exchanges.

According to Reuters, PetroChina’s opening cost in Shanghai valued the company at 60 times analysts’ forecasts for its 2007 earnings per share, above the global average of 18 times for oil companys at the time.

the item was all downhill through there, however. PetroChina’s market value plummeted to less than $260 billion by the end of 2008, representing the largest destruction of shareholder wealth in world history, according to Bloomberg.

Blame the financial crisis along using a collapse in oil prices. When PetroChina made its debut in 2007 brent crude prices were at one point, above $140 a barrel. Today they are about half of which.

PetroChina has not fared too well since the end of 2008, either. The company’s Hong Kong-listed stock can be down more than 20 percent since the start of 2009.

Apple closed 2.9 percent higher at $207.39 a share on Thursday, pushing its market cap to $1 trillion along with generating the item the first U.S. publicly traded company to reach the mark.

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