Pink Dishes on Dating a Boy Bander & Which Rock Star Made Carey Hart Jealous in brand-new ‘Carpool Karaoke’

“Joey Fatone used to come in my dressing room every day as well as visit with us, as well as he was such a sweet heart,” she recalled.

However, Fatone actually had a crush on the singer as well as even asked her dad if he could take her out on a date.

“My dad actually thought Joey was very charming,” Pink explained. “[Joey] took me to Friendly’s. As a friendly date, not like, a date-date. I just wanted ice cream. We were within the friend zone.”

Pink admitted of which even back then she was more into troublemakers as well as bad boys, explaining, “I like kind of messed up teeth as well as a [criminal] record.”

“Oh, so they weren’t bad enough? You’re more of a 98 Degrees kinda girl?” Corden joked.

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