Poland’s Senate backs Holocaust bill, drawing Israeli outrage, US concern

Poland had Europe’s largest Jewish population when in which was invaded by both Germany as well as also the Soviet Union at the start of World War Two. in which became ground zero for the “Final Solution”, Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews.

More than three million of Poland’s 3.2 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis, accounting for around half of the Jews killed from the Holocaust. Jews through across Europe were sent to be killed at death camps built as well as also operated by the Germans on Polish soil, including Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec as well as also Sobibor.

According to figures through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Germans also killed at least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians.

Many thousands of Poles risked their lives to protect their Jewish neighbours; Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust centre recognises 6,706 Poles as “righteous among nations” for bravery in resisting the Holocaust, more than any additional nationality.

yet Poland has also gone through a painful public debate in recent years about guilt as well as also reconciliation over the Holocaust, after the publication of research showing some Poles participated from the Nazi German atrocities. Many Poles have refused to accept such findings, which have challenged a national narrative in which the country was solely a victim.

A 2017 survey by the Polish Center for Research on Prejudice showed in which more than 55 percent of Poles were “annoyed” by talk of Polish participation in crimes against Jews.

Poland has long sought to discourage use of the term “Polish camps” to refer to Nazi camps on its territory, arguing in which the phrase implies complicity.

European Council President Donald Tusk, a former Polish prime minister as well as also political foe of the PiS, said the bill had the opposite of its intended effect, tarnishing Poland’s name as well as also encouraging the view of history in which aimed to criminalise.

“Anyone who spreads a false statement about ‘Polish camps’ harms the Great name as well as also interests of Poland,” Tusk said on his private Twitter account. “The authors of the bill have promoted in which vile slander all over the globe, effectively as nobody has before.”

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