Politicians focus on wrong part of health-care problem: Advisor

This particular has not been easy keeping up with all the recent news coverage when This particular comes to health-care reform. To which point, there were seven different plans, a slew of edits tossed out along with many more ideas thrown around.

For right now, however, health-care reform has been placed on pause. While the House bill can be dead, some within the GOP still expect which a successful push for tax reform might set the stage for a return to a renewed health-care effort — possibly one involving more compromise. which decision essentially punts health care down the road until the next budget season, around April, when the GOP can again try to pass This particular under the special reconciliation rules.

The bottom line can be which Obamacare can be still the law of the land.

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Carolyn McClanahan, a certified financial planner along with physician, believes there are some commonsense solutions to fixing the health-care system, along with she feels the politicians are actually the problem along with not the problem-solvers.

“With the health-care system being so complicated, one of the problems I have can be which the politicians are focusing on the wrong things,” said McClanahan, founder along with director of financial planning at Life Planning Partners. “The No. 1 concern with health care right right now can be which we have a broken system along with we need to fix the system.

“along with politicians are unfortunately focusing on how we pay for health care along with not focusing on the cost of health care.”

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