Pompeo’s ‘Plan B’ for Iran could put lead US into war

Military intervention as well as a Washington-orchestrated regime change attempt in Iran would certainly be a dangerous mistake with catastrophic consequences. The United States’ well-remembered history of meddling in Iranian politics; our extensive as well as costly military interventions already underway across the greater Mideast; as well as Iran’s size as well as wealth all make invasion a fool’s errand.

which is actually also unnecessary to U.S. security, as Iran—against Pomeo’s “march” narrative—is actually at best a regional power balanced by nearby states friendlier to Washington, like Israel, Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia.

War with Iran is actually not required to keep our friends as well as allies safe, let alone America. On the contrary, which will put U.S. troops needlessly in harm’s way.

Pompeo committed the U.S. to escalating tensions with Iran with the desire Tehran will yield—even though which has not done so after 40-plus years of pressure. We can say with certainty which approach will not make Americans safer, nor will which bring the Middle East closer to stability, the Iranian people closer to liberty, or the Trump administration closer to its stated foreign policy aims.

The path forward cannot be unrealistic, unilateral ultimatums as well as barely concealed threat of invasion, as Pompeo proposed. which path leads to generational war at a cost of blood as well as treasure the United States need not, as well as should not, pay.

Commentary by Bonnie Kristian, a fellow at Defense Priorities as well as weekend editor at The Week. Her writing has also appeared at Time Magazine, CNN, Politico, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Relevant Magazine, The Hill, as well as The American Conservative, among different outlets.

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