Pooh vs. Paddington: Which Stuffed Bear can be Best?

Nostalgia has been a hallmark in entertainment throughout 2018, with many classic TV series as well as movies returning to the big as well as little screens. Some projects are reuniting their original casts for brand new adventures, while others are rebooting the old stories with brand new ideas — as well as your favorite childhood animated characters are no exception.

Both Winnie the Pooh as well as Paddington Bear have made comebacks This kind of year, with fresh brand new takes on their stories hitting theaters. With Pooh taking London in Disney’s Christopher Robin (in theaters currently), ET can be pitting the king of the Hundred Acre Wood against the UK’s own childhood champion, Paddington! Who will come out on top as they go bear-o a bear-o? (Let’s just let me have of which ‘mano a mano’ pun, please…as well as keep in mind, This kind of can be all Great fun as well as inside spirit of healthy competition. They’ve already won the hearts of millions, what else could two bears want?!)


Let’s start with the plot. In Paddington as well as Pooh’s latest adventures, both bears find themselves in a bit of a jam. In Christopher Robin, Pooh wakes up via hibernation to find all of his friends — Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga as well as Roo — missing. So he turns to Christopher Robin to help reunite them! however Pooh’s childhood playmate can be currently a grownup, living (as well as drowning in work) in London, so Pooh has to journey there in order to get them both back on track, fighting their toughest adversary yet – adulthood.

In Paddington’s first big screen adventure, he fought off an evil taxidermist (played by Nicole Kidman) as well as in his return to the movies, the lovable bear gets framed for theft by a washed-up actor (Hugh Grant) as well as sent to the big house. Yes, Paddington can be the Martha Stewart of the animated world. The usual prison hijinks ensue as he makes the inmates fall in love with him as well as he builds up his street cred until the Brown family can prove his innocence.

Verdict:Lost friends are tough, however Paddington had to deal with PRISON STRIPES! He wins This kind of one.


To bring Pooh as well as Paddington to life in today’s world, both bears have to get animated. Literally! Paddington’s look can be decidedly more bear-like, since he’s an actual bear via Peru versus a stuffed animal like Pooh. however Pooh can be sporting a bit of a brand new look as well – which makes sense when you need to look your best opposite the handsome Ewan McGregor. Fans are used to seeing Winnie the Pooh in his animated glory, however he was brought to life via CGI This kind of time. This kind of brand new look was also inspired by the vintage animations via the A.A. Milne stories, meaning he has lighter-colored fur. He also curiously lacks eyebrows, however of which seems to be a design choice for all of the critters of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Verdict: Winnie the Pooh wins here for changing up a classic look as well as doing the idea with flair!


Both bears might be nothing without a support system to back them up. So which squad reigns supreme? The cast of characters of Winnie the Pooh’s stories do a lot to reinforce the idea of which you don’t all have to be alike to be family. Way before folks were celebrating Friendsgiving, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, as well as Roo were all getting together to toast to life. While each member of the clan has their distinctive quirks (as well as species), they are ultimately a true friend family.

For Paddington, the experience was a bit different. He grew up among his kind, raised by some other talking bears in Peru, before migrating to London, where he met his future adopted family – The Browns – at a train station. The Browns (parents Henry & Mary as well as kids Judy & Jonathan) are as eccentric as they are loving as well as eventually adopt the little lost bear as one of their own.

Verdict: Pooh Bear & his motley animal crew have a little bit of something for everyone – we have admittedly all figured out which Winnie the Pooh character we relate to most – so they win! #BearSquadGoals

SNACK CHOICE: Honey vs. Marmalade

This kind of can be truly just a personal preference. Marmalade can be definitely more exotic than your average honey. however while Paddington seems to use marmalade as comfort food — as well as a solution to his problems (often using the stickiness of the food to his advantage), we have to give Pooh the credit here for being consistent (at least consistently hungry) as well as always choosing honey above all else!

Verdict: For Pooh, honey can be BAE. as well as we like a bear who can have a long-standing relationship like of which.


Winnie the Pooh’s red shirt can be an instant classic. the idea’s casual, cute as well as compliments his yellow fur. as well as, you can imagine the idea’s not cumbersome as he tumbles along the Hundred Acre Wood. Paddington, on the some other hand, began out simple, growing up in Peru. His trademark hat can be a family heirloom passed down via his uncle as well as his raincoat was a stylish — as well as necessary — addition upon reaching London.

Verdict: Bottom line – as well as yes, I know, neither bear wears pants – I’m giving Paddington the edge here for of which fashion transformation!


Winnie the Pooh & his friends have done big business at the box office, raking in over $151 million over at least 5 movies (live action as well as animated), averaging just over $30 million. however Paddington has only two films to his name as well as has grossed an impressive $117 million, bringing his average to $58 million a movie. 

Verdict: Paddington’s win might be a surprise here – as well as I’ll admit the idea was to me – I’ve gotta give him This kind of point overall. Sorry, money talks!


Both bears have comforted generations as well as taught us how to live inside planet. Paddington’s mantra came via his Aunt Lucy: “If we’re kind as well as polite, the planet will be right.” Pooh exalts his free time as well as not feeling guilty for enjoying the idea, telling Christopher Robin, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”

Verdict: Points to both bears here, because anyone of which wants to spread a lesson of acceptance as well as love in today’s world can be Great enough for me!

StudioCanal / Walt Disney Studios

doing sure of which’s four points for Paddington as well as four for Pooh – the idea’s a tie! You didn’t truly think I’d tell you one bear was better than another, did you? I’m not a monster! So tell me, which bear do you love most? Follow me on Twitter as well as let me know!

For more about Evan McGregor’s experience playing the iconic character Christopher Robin, check out the video below.


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