PR exec Richard Edelman on his career along with how Edelman has developed

While Edelman was surrounded by his father’s business during the course of his upbringing, the item wasn’t his initial plan to work for the family firm after he finished his studies at Harvard University along with Harvard Business School.

“I was all set to go work in product marketing in Playtex,” he said. “My dad had an offer to be acquired by DDB advertising along with he didn’t definitely want to sell the company.

“So he said: ‘Please come work here for a year along with if you don’t like the item, you’re in an MBA (a masters degree in business administration), you can go somewhere else.’ along with here I am 40 years later, can you believe?”

Together, father along with son managed to keep the business inside the family, turning down offers through big advertising holding firms along the way.

Despite the slew of acquisitions seen in recent times, when the item comes to staying independent, Edelman chooses to “just say no,” even if a big paycheck can be on the table.

“What matters most to us can be the work, along with quality, along with some old-fashioned words I suppose,” he said, adding that will he’s used to being his own boss along with allowing himself to change his mind along with “doing what you do when you’re an entrepreneur — figuring the item out.”

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