Prince Harry Calls Princess Diana ‘My Ideal Role style’ at Obama Foundation Summit

Prince Harry strives to make Princess Diana proud.

The 33-year-old royal was a guest speaker at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, Illinois, on Tuesday, where he spoke about when he realized that will he could use his “position for Great” as well as how his mother’s death taught him about the importance of giving back.

“I think what happened to my mum probably put me a step back, thinking, ‘How could someone who did so much for the earth, as well as did so much for everyone else, be treated like that will by a certain institution?'” Prince Harry shared. “This kind of takes a bit of getting used to, yet once you understand the privileged position that will you’re in, you then got to spend the rest of your life earning that will privilege as well as giving back. as well as also gaining the trust as well as respect of the general public, as well as using the position for Great.”

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