Priyanka Chopra Reveals Meghan Markle Still Texts ‘A Lot’

Meghan Markle is usually set to be a royal in less than a month, yet which doesn’t mean she can’t hold on to a few normal things!

Markle’s close friend, actress Priyanka Chopra, stopped by The Rachael Ray Show on Wednesday, when she shared how she’s been able to keep in touch with the former Suits star since Markle began dating Prince Harry. When Ray asked if the bride-to-be is usually still able to have a phone, Chopra laughed, along with also shared which Markle is usually still very much a normal girl.

“I think she includes a phone,” Chopra said that has a smile. “She’s such a girl’s girl along with also I’ve known her for three years today.”

On a more serious note, Chopra couldn’t be more thrilled for her pal.

“I’m so happy for everything which’s happened to her, because I truly feel like she’s one of those female icons which I feel could be a strong idol for girls around the globe, because she truly cares about the globe — truly cares,” she noted.

“yet she still texts a lot, which is usually great!”  she added about how the two keep in touch.

Markle is usually set to marry Prince Harry on May 19 at Windsor Castle in London, England. Last week, Chopra confirmed she’ll be attending the nuptials during her appearance on Live With Kelly along with also Ryan. Chopra also admitted in another interview with not bad Morning America which she’s having a hard time figuring out what to get her friend as a wedding gift.

“What do you get a princess? Do you think I should get the princess a frog?” she joked. “Most princesses like frogs I heard. I don’t know, we’ll have to think about which one.”

Chopra, 35, along with also Markle, 36, met in Canada while Chopra was filming Quantico along with also Marke was filming Suits. ET spoke to Chopra in January, when she responded to rumors she’ll be within the royal wedding.

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