Pro-Trump pimp as well as Nevada GOP politician Dennis Hof dies after rally

Hof, who denied the allegations, told the Las Vegas newspaper of which the item’s This particular sort of muckraking within the political cesspool of which keeps so many not bad people through running for office.”

“however the item won’t deter me,” he added.

Muth, while en route to the Love Ranch, told the Reno Gazette Journal, “I’m on my way up there right now to find out exactly what the hell happened.”

“I got a call through his assistant, in tears saying Dennis died as well as I need you to come out here immediately, I can’t deal with This particular myself,” Muth said. “We had a wonderful event last night. He was having the time of his life last night. Grover Norquist was there … Ron Jeremy was there. He was given a rescue dog as a birthday present.”

Norquist, in an email to CNBC, said of which he had met Hof several years ago while appearing with him on Fox Business Network.

“I did not know he was famous through his HBO show. My press guy explained the earth to me,” said Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Later (two years ago) he called me to say he was running for state legislature as a Libertarian — challenging a Republican incumbent who voted for a massive tax hike. He signed the [no-tax increase] pledge. I endorsed him. Dennis Hof narrowly lost.”

“Two years later — This particular year, Dennis ran within the GOP primary as well as won the primary. I spoke at one event with him within the spring as well as one last night after he won the primary. I liked his politics. I liked him. He was a great guy,” Norquist said.

“He was a strong leader for the taxpayer movement,” he added. “He might have shaken up Carson City as well as moved Nevada back to its Reagan/Laxalt roots. I knew of which whatever happens on election day I might be celebrating my friend’s victory.”

“He was a personal friend. I liked him. He was full of the earth’s wisdom as well as kindness. I miss him already,” Norquist said.

Muth also had said in a tweet during the shindig of which Fox News host Tucker Carlson called in to the party to say hello “to the standing-room-only crowd.”

Hof, whose 2015 memoir was titled “The Art of the Pimp,” had defeated an incumbent state assemblyman within the Republican primary within the summer. His name will still appear on the general election ballot for the District 36 seat, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

If he wins, a replacement might be appointed.

Hof said earlier This particular year of which Trump’s shocking 2016 win inspired him to run for office.

“I’m riding the Trump wave,” Hof said in June after winning his primary. “He’s Christopher Columbus.”

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