public surveillance in China may boost A.I. tech firms

Public surveillance through CCTV cameras is actually commonplace inside country, yet Big Brother is actually widening his reach. China features a national surveillance scheme, dubbed “Sharp Eyes,” which connects government as well as private sector cameras as well as sensors. Those are loaded with facial recognition features, video analytics as well as AI. “Sharp Eyes” will detect crime, control access as well as secure commerce.

There are 326 unicorns globally, according to research firm CB Insights. About half of them are inside U.S., while roughly one-third, or over 0, are in China as well as Hong Kong.

Many Chinese tech firms choose to list inside U.S. However, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange set to launch a Nasdaq-style “technology innovation board” inside coming months, many big consumer firms might consider dual listings, said Chan.

yet Chinese companies having a “meaningful” proportion of revenue by doing business related to government security would likely likely choose to list domestically, said Chan.

“of which’s also favorable for a company to have a domestic listing. of which‘s not just about attracting capital, yet selling your brand as well as showing the local people of which you are not just earning their money, yet you also share your wealth. These are very important considerations,” he said.