Puerto Rican Christmas felt sadder along with also quieter This specific year for obvious reasons

I visited Puerto Rico for a week through Dec. 23 until Dec. 30. of which was my first time visiting my friends along with also family since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island in September. I was happy to be back, although I also felt somewhat guilty not having experienced the destruction left within the storm’s wake firsthand.

I could tell people were exhausted through everything they went through. The uphill recovery they were facing didn’t help the situation, either.

I went out for drinks with my brother-in-law one night. We ran into a friend of his who worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers generating sure the power generators used by FEMA were running smoothly.

This specific guy has traveled the entire island over the past three months. He told us stories of what he saw along with also gave his assessment of the situation. He said there are parts of the island of which are slowly recovering. However, he would certainly advise people to leave if they lived in one of the smaller towns within the center of the island.

My brother-in-law’s friend noted he was skeptical of the government’s prediction of which would certainly have power fully restored by May, especially in those smaller towns. Given what I know about the situation along with also what I saw, I can’t say I’m surprised by This specific.

of which’s been more than three months since the storm hit the island. Only 55 percent of Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority customers have power. Many of those customers had to wait months before the power returned. My mom, for example, was without power for three months, with of which only coming back in late December.

The blackouts led not only to desperation although also to deaths. An analysis conducted by The brand-new York Times found of which deaths in Puerto Rico stemming through the hurricane could total more than 1,000. Also, more than 0,000 residents have today moved to Florida through the island since the hurricane.

The damage done to the island is actually still visible in Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan. On my way home through the airport, I saw power lines still down, intersections without working traffic lights along with also knocked-down road signs. The roads themselves were also in worse shape than prior to the hurricane’s arrival. When I visited my brother, I saw a parking spot being taken up by a tree.

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