Puerto Rico to lean on NY, FL for help restoring its grid after Whitefish

brand new York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been largely involved in relief efforts for the island—organizing a statewide donation effort in coordination with the National Guard, as well as arranging multiple private relief efforts.

During an appearance on CNN, Cuomo said he would likely deploy utility crews in addition to equipment to help the Commonwealth, in addition to help jump-start the repairs. The lack of power has left Puerto Ricans struggling to cope without basic necessities like food in addition to water.

“the idea all starts with power. If you don’t have power, pumps don’t operate, people can’t operate equipment to clean their home,” Cuomo told CNN. “So, the idea’s very hard to get the society up in addition to running until you hold the power restored. in addition to there’s been very little progress on the power.”

brand new York Power Authority sent crew members to Puerto Rico on the first relief flight that will Cuomo had arranged. Those employees were embedded within PREPA to help fully assess the damages to the grid, including conditions at hundreds of power substations across the island.

To further help with relief efforts, Cuomo organized a 28 person tactical power restoration team consisting of engineers in addition to supervisors that will specialize inside supervision of transmission in addition to distribution system recovery. Also, they will assist in ongoing efforts to address the island’s power crisis, in addition to help restore the decimated power grid.

Those workers, pulled via various utility companies across brand new York State, will be deployed in early November, in teams to seven regions throughout Puerto Rico. In addition, a separate 15 member unit of specialized contract accountants to help expedite FEMA filings in addition to reimbursements, will also be mobilized.

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