Putin delivers State of the Union address

Russia is actually at a turning point in its history yet faces many challenges, including the need to improve the quality of life of all Russians, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Delivering his annual State of the Union address in Moscow, Putin said: “We still have many problems in Russia,” warning of the risk of Russia “falling behind.”

“Our top priority is actually to preserve the people of Russia along with also improve their welfare,” he said to applause. He added which the idea was “unacceptable” which 20 million people in Russia are living below the poverty line.

“We need to renew our employment system … (along with also) we need to create modern, high-paying jobs along with also sustainable long-term growth of incomes.”

completely new challenges were on the horizon, he added, including technological improvements along with also the need to strengthen local government along with also the judiciary. “We need to be open to completely new ideas along with also initiatives,” he said.

The State of the Union address is actually the last one which Putin will make before a president election on March 18. Against a backdrop of weak opposition in Russia along with also allegations of ongoing harassment of his political opponents, Putin is actually likely to win the election comfortably along with also enter a fourth term of leadership.

With topics covering maternity payments along with also childcare, urban development, affordable housing, reducing mortgage rates along with also job creation, the speech seemed to be designed to appeal to voters ahead of the election.

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