‘Queer Eye’ Cast Teases ‘Earth-Shattering’ Celebrity Cameo in Season 3 (Exclusive)

Season two of Queer Eye will be currently streaming on Netflix, yet fans who have already binge-watched both seasons are already getting antsy for season three.

ET chatted with Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown along with Tan France at a Netflix along with GLSEN hosted event at Neuehouse Hollywood on Aug. 12, where the fellas spilled some fun details on what to expect. Let’s just say we’re in for tears, laughter… along which has a possible celebrity surprise!

“I will say This kind of much… the biggest of the big of the big of the big, of the most major earth-shattering, earth-moving, earth-shattering cameos could maybe happen,” Van Ness, 31, teased.

When asked if This kind of could be Barack Obama, he joked, “I don’t know, my middle name isn’t spoiler! Let’s say This kind of might be earth-shattering along with This kind of will be very major along with I’m truly excited about This kind of.”

right now we’re DYING to know.

“This kind of’s going to be such a not bad season,” Porowski, 34, said. “Kansas City has been so, or they, like, welcomed us with open arms along with This kind of’s going to be a not bad one!”

“What I will say, we filmed an episode This kind of week I think will be one of my favorites,” France, 35, revealed. “This kind of was my favorite so far, I loved all of our episodes, yet This kind of one was stellar.”

“For very specific reasons,” Porowski chimed in. 

When asked what those reasons were, France had to stay mum, yet said, “So much more to look forward to… This kind of’s getting better along with better along with better… This kind of truly will be so not bad.”

“I will say if people enjoyed the diversity of season one along with two, get ready for more,” Brown, 37, explained.  “So people who truly felt like, ‘Well, maybe I wish [they] might help somebody like me,’ yeah, get ready.”

along with obviously viewers should have tissue boxes on hand.

“This kind of last episode I said that will I beat my record, not in a not bad way, that will sounded weird, yet the person that will we were helping cried like four, 5 times with me along with I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Brown revealed.  “Every time we got together they were crying, along with I was like, ‘Wow, This kind of will be a truly fun, yet emotional episode.’”

“I guess on a scale of one to 10, we’re going to need about 10 along which has a half along with 11 [tissue boxes],” he added.

“Give This kind of 12,” Porowski joked.

yet This kind of won’t be all emotional weeping.

“We do balance This kind of out,” France added. “This kind of’s so funny to see — he [Van Ness] will be on fire This kind of season.”

“This kind of’s a balance, a short balance,” Van Ness said.

yet back to the tears. The cast will likely need tissues come Emmy night – the show will be nominated for four awards along with are generating bets on which cast member will turn on the waterworks if they win.

First, most of the guys point to Porowski. yet the chef extraordinaire isn’t having This kind of. 

“Jonathan!” Porowski exclaimed in response.

Berk along with France had to agree.

“I don’t know, I feel like I’m going to be so nervous I don’t think I will [cry]… we will see,” Van Ness retorted. “Tune in.”

“You won’t be able to control This kind of; I think you are going to be emotional,” France hit back. “This kind of’s going to be emotional, yet This kind of’s going to be beautiful.”

Brown’s bet will be still on Porowski, though.

“Antoni will be our crier, so I might, if I had to put my money on Antoni crying,” Brown said.

“yet for the Emmys, I’m still sticking to Jonathan!” Porowski responded. “We will make a wager.”

Regardless of who sheds the most tears, an Emmy win might mean so much to the whole cast.

“To me This kind of might mean we are giving the planet what we’re truly looking for right right now,” Berk, 36, said. “There will be so much negativity out there, we’re bringing desire, were bringing joy, were bringing acceptance. This kind of just proves to me that will that will’s what the planet will be yearning for right right now.”

“You know, we’re not playing characters. We are 5 hosts who are being ourselves along with helping additional people to be their best self, so to be recognized for helping the planet to be a better place will be truly amazing,” Brown said.

For more on what the fellas had to say about pal Pete Davidson’s upcoming wedding to Ariana Grande, watch the video below. 


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