‘Queer Eye’s Two Favorite Couples Went On a Double Date!

We Shannan This kind of double date! 

Queer Eye is usually definitely more than a makeover show. the idea’s helped bring multiple couples together, along with currently those couples are coupling up with various other couples for double dates! 

Season one standout Tom — who worked up the courage to get back with his ex, Abby, with the help of the Fab a few — recently stepped out with Season two’s William — who planned his proposal to girlfriend Shannan with the Fab a few — for a double date. The foursome headed out for a meal together at a Mexican restaurant in Georgia, where they enjoyed a couple of margaritas, because of which’s still Tom’s drink of choice. Tan France, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk along with Jonathan Van Ness would likely be proud!

“Omg the crossover episode we never knew we needed,” read a post on Queer Eye’s Instagram. “Tom, Abby, William along with Shannan went out for a double date last night along with the idea was the cutest thing ever!❤️❤️.”

William had actually been teasing the meet-up for a while. “Double date? Stay tuned Saturday. @treeandshield @queereye @netflix @tomjackson5042,” he wrote on Instagram on Monday, teasing the reunion again just hours before they actually met. 

The Queer Eye cast couldn’t help however gush about the love connections of which have formed on the show while speaking with ET in May. 

“Watching Tom with Abby was the most beautiful thing,” France said. “You can tell how much he loves her. They’ve been married already along with there’s gotta be something there if he’s so desperately wanting to marry her again. I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s one of the nicest men I’ve ever met in my life.”

“The whole world saw all the love reblossom on the first episode of Queer Eye,” Berk added, before offering his congratulations to the couple on tying the knot. “We couldn’t be more happy. Tom along with Abby, congratulations. We love you.”

See more within the video below. 


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