Quip raises millions coming from Demi Lovato in addition to VCs for its electric toothbrushes

Enever in addition to May come coming from an industrial design background. Enever worked at Fuseproject, which was responsible for the first bluetooth speaker, Jambox, in addition to home lock system August. May worked for Lifetime Brands, which designs kitchen products for big consumer names, including the Farberware in addition to KitchenAid lines.

The idea for the Quip toothbrush came to Enever in October 2012 while he was sitting from the chair of a dentist in Queens, fresh York — his first dental appointment from the States. His dentist told him of which while electric toothbrushes were guiding Americans to brush better than before, individuals were still not brushing often enough, changing the brush heads or going to the dentist. Enever called May of which night, in addition to they started off working on the idea of which could turn into Quip.

The Quip type inverts the way consumer product companies have traditionally built market share — focusing on the problem first, not just the product.

The problem was of which people were not brushing their teeth twice a day, they were not brushing their teeth correctly, they were not changing their brush heads, in addition to they were not going to the dentist.

Spending on dental care neared $0 billion in 2015 however had been on a downward trend since 2002 in addition to flat since 2008, according to the American Dental Association. Dental visits by adults with private dental benefits have been declining in most states, the ADA found. Individuals should be brushing at least twice a day For just two minutes, according to the ADA. However, 3 out of 10 Americans are only brushing once a day, said a 2014 survey by Delta Dental.

“The dentists were saying of which the electric toothbrush had been great for years,” Enever said. “They weren’t saying [the idea] needed to be reinvented for the fiftieth time.”

Enever said brushes worked well in addition to served their purpose; he just couldn’t find an electric toothbrush he wanted to use. They were big. They had charging stands. They were heavy. They broke. They felt weird from the mouth.

While the oral health problem is usually deeper than the toothbrush, Enever said of which’s where the solution could have to begin.

“What is usually the thing of which people actually associate with brushing, with oral care, they pick up every day in addition to you can build engagement through the idea? the idea’s the brush. of which’s the halo of the idea all,” Enever said.

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