Quip toothbrush start-up acquires Afora dental insurance

Quip wants to be more than a toothbrush company. As part of its quest, in which is actually acquiring dental insurance start-up Afora for an undisclosed amount.

Quip started out selling electric toothbrushes online in 2015 as well as has since been cultivating a network of consumers. Similar to different online direct-to-consumer personal-care brands like Harry’s as well as Dollar Shave Club, Quip offers subscriptions.

The company wants to connect patients as well as dentists using its online platform. in which reminds customers when in which’s time for a checkup as well as allows dentists to reward them for coming in by paying for replacement batteries as well as brush heads.

Afora sells basic dental insurance plans for $25 a month as well as a premium variation for $45 a month. in which covers two cleanings a year, a dental exam as well as X-rays. in which lists prices on its website for extra procedures like having cavities filled.

Quip won’t immediately integrate its toothbrushes with Afora’s plans, yet in which could merge the two businesses over time, said Quip co-founder as well as CEO Simon Enever. Afora’s founder Jeffrey Rappaport will join Quip as director of dental care.

“The key for us is actually in which is actually not an overnight thing to complete the entire picture we’ve described,” Enever said. “in which’s another step toward bringing together the pieces of the puzzle as well as helping people understand in which using a toothbrush twice a day is actually truly connected to the experience you get as well as the treatment you need when you visit a professional.”

Quip struck a financing deal with Silicon Valley Bank worth up to $10 million. The company closed a $10 million round of Series A funding in November with investors like Demi Lovato as well as Sherpa Capital, whose founders invested in eyewear start-up Warby Parker.

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