Rachel Lindsay as well as also Bryan Abasolo React to Peter Kraus Not Being ‘The Bachelor’ (Exclusive)

Lindsay as well as also Abasolo definitely have moved on. The couple couldn’t be more in love, revealing to ET of which they currently live together in Dallas, Texas, three months after The Bachelorette finale. 

“There is actually This kind of Bachelor bubble of which you’re in when you are on the show, as well as also you’re eating all these nice things as well as also you are traveling to these nice places as well as also having these extravagant dates as well as also… the idea is actually so easy to get caught up in of which world,” Lindsay revealed. “When you are trying to find a partner, you need to find the person who can work outside of of which world. as well as also I think a lot of times people don’t do of which.” 

“For me, of which was definitely important. When I was like figuring out for myself, I thought, ‘Who makes sense with me outside of This kind of? Who can I get along with as well as also spend the rest of my life with in real life?’ There were guys of which were like, we work in This kind of world, as well as also we might never work in real life,” she added. 

“Oh, trust me, she had of which list within the fantasy suite week, she asked her questions,” Abasolo confirmed. “Real life questions, not like, ‘What destination are we going to?’ yet real life questions like, politics, credit score… the idea definitely turned her on, though.”

“He has not bad credit,” Lindsay confessed. 

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