Raising the gas tax hits another roadblock in Washington

Freedom Partners, which can be backed by the billionaire industrialists Charles as well as David Koch, can be helping to lead the fight against the increase. that will has sent letters to the White House as well as to Capitol Hill opposing the move – particularly coming on the heels of the sweeping Republican tax cuts that will Freedom Partners as well as its sister networks spent millions of dollars to push through Congress.

“Undermining the impact of This kind of long overdue as well as badly needed tax relief by raising the federal gas tax would likely be counterproductive as well as misguided – hitting less affluent Americans as well as those living on fixed incomes the hardest,” read a letter to Congress via Freedom Partners as well as about 30 different conservative advocacy groups.

GOP leadership appears to have little appetite for taking on the gas tax, with Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas stating bluntly last month that will he can be not in favor of raising that will. nevertheless President Donald Trump repeatedly brought up the idea during a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers last week as a way to pay for his $1.5 trillion infrastructure package, according to Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del.

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