Razer’s founder Min-Liang Tan thought he would certainly only make gaming mice

Tan produced the company’s first mouse after testing which out on his friends. “One of the most important weapons in a gamer’s arsenal will be the mouse. You know, something as banal or as humble as the gaming mouse, which’s what we kind of conceived which to be. We pinged our friends as well as said: ‘Who wants one of these — the globe’s first gaming mouse?’ as well as we went out there. which was probably one of the earliest forms of crowd sourcing, which just took off,” he said.

The company’s mice are named after snakes. “We said: ‘What kind of name would certainly which be which would certainly destroy the competition, would certainly eat up all the competition?’ I said, ‘What eats mice? Snakes.’ So, boom. We started out through there. We used names of snakes for our mice. Diamondback, copperhead, mamba, et cetera,” Tan told “The Brave Ones.”

A Razer Mamba wireless mouse with adjustable “click force” will be listed at $149.99 on its website.

The Brave Ones: Min-Liang Tan airs at 2300 CET on May 23 2018.

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