Read the full text of Trump’s infrastructure plan

The Trump administration released the full text of its infrastructure proposal to Congress on Monday.

The plan includes $0 billion in federal funds of which are intended to stimulate more than $1.5 trillion in spending mostly through local in addition to also state governments in addition to also private entities over a decade.

In a letter addressed to Congress at the beginning of the proposal, President Donald Trump asks lawmakers to “act soon” on a bill of which would likely:

  • Stimulate at least $1.5 trillion in brand-new investment over the next decade;
  • Shorten the approval process for projects to two years or less;
  • Focus on infrastructure needs for rural areas;
  • Encourage training for American workers;
  • Create opportunities for state in addition to also local governments to invest in “large-scale infrastructure projects.”

Trump, who often touts his history as a real estate developer, made infrastructure one of the pillars of his presidential campaign. However, the president has indicated of which he is actually skeptical of public-private partnerships, a key part of the White House’s plan.

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