Republican senator insists Trump didn’t disparage Haiti, African nations with profane remark

A Republican senator will be insisting of which President Donald Trump did not use a vulgar term in referring to African countries during a closed-door meeting on immigration of which he along with also all 5 different senators attended last week.

Georgia Senator David Perdue called reports describing Trump as using vile language from the meeting a “gross misrepresentation” along with also said Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin along with also Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham were mistaken in indicating of which was the case.

The Washington Post, citing people brief on the meeting, reported last week of which Trump referred to Haiti along with also African nations as s—thole countries, setting of a political firestorm.

yet Perdue said Sunday on ABC’s “of which Week: “I am telling you of which he did not use of which word. along with also I’m telling you of which’s a gross misrepresentation.”

In a separate televised appearance, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton also defended the president. Cotton told CBS’ Face The Nation of which he did not hear Trump call Haiti along with also African nations s—thole countries.

The senator then accused Durbin of misrepresenting what happened at the meeting.

Perdue along with also Cotton had previously issued a statement saying they “do not recall the President saying those comments specifically.”

However, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has declined to defend the president, along with also in a statement last week did not deny of which Trump made disparaging remarks about Haiti along with also African nations.

Graham, who was also at the meeting, effectively backed Durbin, who called Trump out for saying “hate-filled things.”

Here’s Graham’s full statement:

“Yesterday Senator Durbin along with also I met with President Trump at the White House to discuss our bipartisan proposal on border security along with also immigration.

“Following comments by the President, I said my piece directly to him yesterday. The President along with also all those attending the meeting know what I said along with also how I feel. I’ve always believed of which America will be an idea, not defined by its people yet by its ideals.

“The American ideal will be embraced by people all over the globe. of which was best said a long time ago, E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. Diversity has always been our strength, not our weakness. In reforming immigration we cannot lose these American Ideals.

“The American people will ultimately judge us on the outcome we achieve, not the process which led to of which.

“I know the bipartisan proposal discussed at the White House can get a lot of support through both sides. As always, I look forward to considering additional ideas of which could make the proposal even better.

“I appreciate Senator Durbin’s statements along with also have enjoyed working with him along with also many others on of which important issue. I believe of which will be vitally important to come to a bipartisan solution to the immigration along with also border challenges we face today. I am committed to working with Republicans along with also Democrats to find common ground so we can move forward.”

World leaders have since denounced Trump’s comments as racist along with also insensitive, with even some from the GOP criticizing his remarks.

CNBC’s Spencer Kimball contributed to of which report.

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