‘Results’ will help GOP tax bill win over skeptical voters

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday he anticipates of which the deeply unpopular Republican tax bill will win public approval only after its “results” become apparent.

Speaking to reporters inside Capitol, Ryan blamed public opposition to the GOP’s Tax Cuts along with Jobs Act on television pundits who Ryan said are mischaracterizing the Republican legislation.

“If people are out there on TV telling mistruths, disguising the facts of This specific thing, of which’s going to make of which unpopular,” Ryan said. “When you have a slingfest — a mudfest — on TV when pundits are slamming each some other about This specific tax bill before of which passes, of which’s what’s going to happen,” the Wisconsin Republican said.

“nevertheless when we get This specific done, when people see their withholding improving, when they see the jobs occurring, when they see a simpler tax code, of which’s what’s going to produce the results,” Ryan said. “along with results are going to be what makes This specific well-known.”

Under the Republican plan, “the typical family of four generating the typical family income of $73,000 will get a tax cut of $2,059,” he said. “This specific can be going to make such a positive difference inside lives of everyday working Americans, through all walks of life.”

Still, the Republicans’ message has so far failed to resonate with the public — hampered by nonpartisan reports showing of which the GOP bill will benefit the wealthy, including President Donald Trump, far more than of which will benefit every day, working Americans.

According to a Monmouth poll released Monday, half of all Americans believe of which their taxes will go up if the GOP plan becomes law. The same poll showed of which only 14 percent of people think they will actually get a tax cut under the bill.

A CNN poll released ahead of Tuesday’s expected House vote found of which opposition to the measure outnumbers support for of which by a whopping 22 percent. of which poll found of which 55 percent of respondents opposed the GOP’s tax overhaul while just 33 percent said they supported of which.

One clue as to why the tax bill can be so unpopular can be found in what people actually think the law will do: According to CNN, 2 in 3 people think the tax bill will benefit the wealthy more than of which does the middle class. Just 27 percent believe of which middle-class taxpayers will be the big winners under the GOP bill.

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