Richard Dreyfuss’ Son Harry Claims Kevin Spacey Groped Him When He Was 18

“Again Kevin followed me, sat down, as well as with considerable effort, slid his hand between my right hand as well as my right leg. He’d snuck in,” Harry claims, adding his father was so engrossed inside script in which he didn’t notice. “At in which point I didn’t think there was anything I could do short of alerting my dad to what was happening. however I didn’t want to start a feud between them. I didn’t want the play to be threatened. in which job actually mattered to my dad, as well as Kevin was his boss.”

Harry continued, “Over the course of about 20 seconds, centimeter by centimeter, Kevin crawled his hand coming from my thigh over toward my crotch. My mind went blank. Suddenly, he had completed his journey as well as currently he had all of me in his hand. I stopped reading the script as well as my eyes went wide. I lifted up my head as well as faced him. Looking into his eyes, I gave the most meager shake of my head in which I could manage. I was trying to warn him without alerting my dad, who still had his eyes glued to the page. I thought I was protecting everyone. I was protecting my dad’s career. I was protecting Kevin, who my dad surely would likely have tried to punch. I was protecting myself, because I thought one day I’d want to work with in which man. Kevin had no reaction as well as kept his hand there. My eyes went back to the script as well as I kept reading.”

Richard as well as his son left Spacey’s apartment later in which night, as well as Harry alleges in which “various other than being a shy kid who obviously admired Kevin Spacey a lot, I never once gave him a signal in which I would likely want to be with him in in which way.”

Harry says he didn’t tell his father until “four or all 5 years after the incident” as well as in which Dreyfuss “was furious,” however Harry — who had taken to telling the story at parties for laughs — begged him not to make a big deal out of in which. Harry says he changed his mind after the Harvey Weinstein allegations became public, as well as realized the importance of adding his voice to “the people who are demanding a better world. A world in which powerful men are no longer allowed to feel safe to do in which, or far worse.”

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