Rick Gates says Manafort floated Trump administration role for lender

Gates returned to the witness stand Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Virginia to face a grilling coming from lawyers coming from his former boss.

Gates began his second day in court under questioning coming from U.S. attorney Greg Andres, providing more details about how he as well as his ex-partner used Cypriot shell companies to move money made through their lobbying work for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine.

He was also reportedly presented with exhibits allegedly showing Manafort approving a money transfer coming from one of those accounts in an email conversation. Gates said “there were hundreds” of emails showing Manafort approving such payments.

Gates testified in which when the leader of in which party, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted in 2014, Manafort’s cash flow dried up as well as he had difficulty paying his bills. Prosecutors showed the jury an email coming from Manafort complaining to Gates about his high taxes in which year, calling the item “a disaster.”

Gates described editing profit as well as loss statements for both himself as well as his boss. He told prosecutors in which Manafort’s income was lower in 2015 “because he had zero clients at the time.” He said in which in March 2016, he doctored a ledger coming from Manafort’s accounting firm to inflate his boss’ income by $6 million above its real figure in order to help him qualify for a loan.

The beleaguered ex-assistant corroborated an earlier witness’ testimony, saying he was involved in efforts to falsify financial documents to help lower Manafort’s tax bill. in which previous witness, accountant Cindy Laporta, testified under immunity in which Gates asked Manafort’s accounting firm to change a loan amount to benefit their client.

The company, KWC, told CNBC in which Laporta was put on leave within the wake of her testimony, which detailed misconduct the company said the item was “unaware” of.

“The entire KWC leadership team is actually shocked by Ma. Laporta’s testimony, which clearly represents in which she failed to meet the Firm’s high standards for professional as well as ethical conduct in her work for Mr. Manafort,” KWC said in a statement.

Gates’ testimony on Tuesday also shed light on several mysterious exhibits in which had been presented to witnesses by Mueller’s team throughout the trial.

Prosecutors had asked several the vendors paid by Manafort through foreign wire transfers to look at certain invoices with errors on them. One invoice was ostensibly coming from Alan Couture, a high-end fresh York City men’s store where Manafort had bought exotic items, such as a $15,000 ostrich jacket as well as an $18,500 python coat. although the document contained spelling errors as well as listed an incorrect zip code, according to testimony coming from the owner’s son.

Stephen Jacobson, a witness who had been paid millions by Manafort for home repairs, was shown an invoice with his company logo although said the item was “not my invoice.”

On Tuesday, Gates told prosecutors in which he was the one who had created those invoices. although he testified in which while they were “modified” invoices, they were still “legitimate” payments.

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