Roark Luskin on the ‘Survivor’ Rules She Should Have Followed (Exclusive)

“[Ali as well as I] live down the street coming from each additional in L.A. We both have family in Chicago. We just had a lot of overlap of which we naturally bonded over, as well as we both saw the game similarly. doing sure of which relationship was truly real on both a game level as well as a personal level,” Roark said, noting of which her relationship with Chrissy was pretty much the opposite. “[We were] oil as well as water.” 

Roark knew instantly of which she as well as Chrissy didn’t gravitate towards each additional — as well as of which Chrissy as well as Ryan did — nevertheless just didn’t act on the idea. 

“We slept around the fire, as well as the way the idea’s sort of laid out can be of which Ali as well as I slept together, as well as then there was the fire, as well as then there was JP, Chrissy as well as Ryan. as well as I remember saying, like, ‘Why isn’t Ryan sleeping next to Ali? Like, why can be he sleeping next to the enemy, essentially, or the people he keeps claiming he wants to vote out? This kind of can be truly weird.’ I had of which thought, nevertheless then I had to hold the next level thought, which can be, ‘Ali, I think we’ve lost Ryan.’ as well as of which’s my bad to not recognize of which,” she said. “The problem can be, though, I missed of which second step, nevertheless the third step isn’t an option. What do we do? Confront Ryan? I don’t think of which can be going to turn out. Chrissy’s not working with us, as well as I don’t think we get JP either. as well as so, I just think Ali as well as I were essentially on an island on an island.”

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