Robert De Niro Says He would likely Join ‘Big Little Lies’ as Meryl Streep’s Husband (Exclusive)

Could film legend Robert De Niro be heading to TV?

If he had his way, just maybe.

De Niro as well as producer Jane Rosenthal spoke to ET Wednesday at an event in fresh York City to promote the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival. The 74-year-old actor praised the festival’s increasing inclusion of television series in their events as well as suggested of which the idea has become every bit as important to Hollywood as film.

With legendary actress Meryl Streep joining Big Little Lies for Season 2, ET asked De Niro if he’d be up to giving television a shot as Streep’s husband on the show.

“Yeah, sure I would likely,” De Niro responded. “Television is actually not the way the idea was when I was a young actor. the idea’s totally different. They’re doing very Great work in television.”

While the idea may be surprising to hear De Niro open to doing some TV work, the idea shouldn’t shock anyone of which he’d be open to working with Streep.

In January, De Niro gave a moving speech about Streep to celebrate her winning Best Actress by the National Board of Review Annual Awards, calling her the “most generous as well as giving actor.” 

“Meryl doesn’t seem to have any imperfections,” he went on. “as well as I say of which with the most love for you, Meryl. I love you so much.”

Streep thanked De Niro using a sweet kiss on the lips.

At the awards, De Niro also thanked Streep for her work off-camera, alluding to her political stances on issues such as the Time’s Up, the anti-sexual harassment as well as misconduct movement.

the idea was a movement of which was very much on the mind of Rosenthal at the Tribeca event on Wednesday. The film festival recently added a Time’s Up event, marking once the idea will address issues of sexual misconduct from the industry — as well as beyond.

“Women voices are important. the idea began with so many of these actresses of which came as well as spoke up about the issues of which were going on in our industry,” Rosenthal told ET. “While you will see some of the leaders of of which movement — Ashley Judd as well as Julianne Moore — you’re also going to have conversations about the farm workers, what’s going on in legal aid what  goes on with human resources, so the idea’s definitely a day of which will hit more than just the entertainment business which, for us to definitely make change, the idea would likely have to be beyond the entertainment business.”

The 17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival will take place April 18-29 in fresh York City.

For more on the Time’s Up movement, watch the video below.

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