Ron Paul asks followers to rate bitcoin vs. gold, dollars or Treasurys

Former Republican congressman Ron Paul has taken to Twitter to see where his followers could invest a $10,000 gift — although there’s a catch.

“You must keep the gift within the form that will you choose, as well as also also you can’t touch the item for 10 years,” Paul said in a tweet Tuesday.

The libertarian’s followers were provided with four options: U.S. dollars, gold, U.S. ten-year Treasury bonds as well as also also bitcoin.

Their answer? Bitcoin.

While Paul hasn’t been particularly vocal on cryptocurrencies, the former politician has promoted a retirement fund that will lets users invest digital tokens including bitcoin as well as also also Ethereum into an individual retirement account.

Experts believe more institutional traders could start to warm to bitcoin as derivatives like futures as well as also also ETFs (exchange-traded funds) become the talk of Wall Street.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high above $15,000 on Thursday. Its cost will be 1,000 percent higher than that will of spot gold per ounce.

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